Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extreme Rescue

Killabrew Canyon Heavenly Ski Resort
Lake Tahoe
click on picture to see up close

When you participate in extreme sports someday you will pay extremely. I have paid my dues and pray every time I go out. This winter I met a wonderful skier a Tahoe local that loves to ski the steep and deep as much as I do. We hooked up for a few ski dates last Sunday was a picture perfect blue bird day with cut up powder (I missed the untracked by one day that’s the way the daycare cookie crumbles).

We headed up to the top of the mountain and decided to go right into Kilkabrew Canyon double back diamond terrain (see picture above). As we stopped below Ramarrah’s and above the Middle Finger shoot we had the typical conversation that must ski buddy’s have, “You go first, no you go first” well I won and he dropped in. I was taking my time, as I didn't feel quite on my skis. After about 3 turns I saw him backed up against a tree. I called out and asked if he was ok but there was no response. My heart started to race out of my chest I skied up to him, pulled his goggles off and looke straight into his eyes he came too (so I thought) and said what happen where am I. I knew we were in big trouble. I screamed for help but there was no one around, reached for my cell phone called 911 to get them to call Heavenly to get me ski patrol then tucked the phone into my helmet. I freed him from his skis as he was screaming in pain that his leg hurt. My glove was now nowhere to be found, as it must have taken off down the hill without me. We were in an extremely vertical shoot. When I released him from his skis he fell backward head first down the hill. I grabbed him by his belt got his feet down the hill and yelled at him to dig his feet in. Then skied below him and held him into the hill by his feet. Knowing all the time it was my skis that were the only thing keeping us both up against the mountain.

I heard someone ask if we needed ski patrol I screamed back YES! It was patrol looking up into the shoot they would be there soon. I just kept trying to keep my friend still and begged him to stop moving and trying to get away from me. When help arrived I shared my assessment broken left femur and possible concussion he was not wearing a helmet (personal choice). I I have over 20 years of ski school expereance under my belt and the lead rescuer said I looked familiar so he put me to work. My job was to stomp out a landing for the sled and hold it while they prepared him for the ride out. They called for a medevac helicopter that landed at the bottom of Killabrew Canyon.

It was quite tricky getting him into the sled and down out of the shoot. Ironically they belayed the sled off the same tree I found him up against. By the time his was on his way there were more then 10 patrollers assisting. It was a rescue they live for and train for but don’t very often get to perform. As the helecopter flew out of sight I broke down in tears my ski buddy was gone he was broken and I was not sure how bad.

He called and conferred that it was a shattered left femur but his head neck and back were ok and he was headed into surgery. Praise God bones can heal. He only remembers falling and ski patrol being in his face. He does not remember me holding on to him for dear life, doing everything I had to keep him from falling down the shoot. So he was out for quite sometime.

When you play you pay and my ski buddy will have a few months to work himself back into ski shape so he can come back and face the mountain again like a true extreme athlete. As for me my ski buddy for the rest of the season will be Annalise and we will keep to the green circles. I've had enough excitment for this season.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ski Bunny in Training

My priorities sure have change over the last year and I could not be happier with life. I may not be in as good of shape as I have in the past but my back is doing great! Annalise is up to 32 lbs and I can still carry her all over the place. I am back in the gym, skiing a bit for me and riding my spinning bike as I look forward to biking season starting up this spring. We moved to lower elevation flat roads and I look forward to more road biking. ADR is the best thing I ever did for myself. If you as me if I would do it again I would say in a heartbeat.

Now we are sking

Ta-Da I Did It

love all the slack in the lines she is really doing it

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My 28lb Bowling Ball

My days are now spent lugging around my 28lb bowling ball and I love every minute of it and would never change a thing. Annalise is the love of my life and the biggest blessing I have ever relieved next to my successful back surgery. I and open to sharing my experience with anyone that needs help getting through back pain just drop me and email I am here for you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Monday, June 09, 2008

Introducing Zhao Jing Chu

It is with great honor excitement and God's blessing that I share with you the referral of my daughter to be Zhao Jing Chu soon to be Annalise Jing Chu.

To read more about her referral come on by Love you Forever. A bit busy to post about my back but I will be picking up my Mt bike from the shop this week and starting to ride. I had the rear shock rebuilt.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

That’s all she wrote

I have terminated from Heavenly the teaching season is over. Boulder Base is closed and this weekend is the last weekend for the Nevada side of the mountain with California saying open until May 4th. What a great season it was. The best part for me was my ability to ski and teach all day 6+ hours as hard as I could. My back felt better when I was skiing several days in a row. Exercise in general is so important for those of us that have had back surgery. The more I move the better it feels. January brought so much powder. It was a dream come true to be skiing all my favorite runs and getting face shots one right after the other. Now it’s mud season the ground is coming up and I will be riding my spinning bike to get ready to saddle up and get back into the mountains on my mountain bike once the snow is gone. I hope to get back on my road bike this year, as it has been more difficult due to positioning vs my mt bike. In June after school gets out I will be going down to Shell beach to ride my bikes and get a way can’t wait but until then I need to keep moving it makes me feel so much better.